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So many things have happened in the past few months, but we feel both glad and grateful to bring out this fabulous issue. Thank you to our contributors, whose support and patience are the very thing that makes this issue possible! We are excited that we are able to bring together work from Anne Raeff, Tom McFadden, Sadie Shorr-Parks, James Sale, Gail Tirone, T. J. Masluk, Seth Borgen, Mita Bordoloi, Tony Press, Rebecca Pyle, J. Z. Wyckoff, Tamás Máhr, Sara Kachelman, Holly Day, Nicolas Sampson, Kate Lister Campbell, M. J. Schwartz, and Wong Man Fai. We are honored that this issue continues to be a place where we celebrate friendship and reexamine the many frontiers where human experiences intersect.

The Hong Kong Review, Vol III, No. 2

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