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This issue of The Hong Kong Review features poetry, short stories, excerpts of novel, creative non-fiction and photography, and includes work from Andrew Grace, Darrell Nicholson, David Hallock Sanders, Deborah E. Kennedy, Diana Lizette Rodriguez, Edwin M. Steckevicz, Elizabeth Lindsey Rogers, Emily Nason, Genevieve Leone, Jeanette Topar, Jeffrey Janssens, Jim Mentel, K. Srilata, Kirstin Valdez Quade, Lara Parker, Lavinia Xu, Liwei Chen, Maggie Smith, Nancy Ludmerer, Noah Falck, Rachel Ann Brickner, Sandra C. Muñoz, Sandra Hurt, Susanna J. Mishler, and Wong Man Fai.

HKR Issue 2 Contents Page 1.jpg
HKR Issue 2 Contents Page 2.jpg
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