Work Anthologized

Feb 1, 2020

The Hong Kong Review is proud to announce that Neema Avashia’s creative nonfiction “Nine Forms of the Goddess,” which appears in our first issue, has been accepted into Belt Publishing’s forthcoming LGBTQ anthology. Congratulations to Neema Avashia and thank you to Belt Publishing for creating such a wonderful venue to feature LGBTQ stories from the Midwest and Appalachia.

Nominations for Pushcart Prize, Oct 2, 2019

The Hong Kong Review is proud to announce our nominations for the 2019 Pushcart Prize: Best of the Small Presses Series, an award given for works of outstanding writing and literary talent. We believe the work of our nominees reflects the values of excellence in the execution of craft that The Hong Kong Review holds in common with The Pushcart Prize. 


Here are our editor's selections:




"Black Road" by Nancy Zafris


"Good Dog Bad Dog Story" by Deb Kennedy




"The Birds Sang Tyranny" by Fabienne Josaphat 


"Scar Tissue" by Lynne Barrett




"I’ll Come Back as a Ghost in a Hat" by Jayme Ringleb 


"December 18, 2008" by Maggie Smith


Congratulations to our nominees, and to all our talented contributors!


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