This is the inaugural issue of The Hong Kong Review, which features work from Alison Hubbard, Alison Strack, Anjanette Delgado, Austin S. Lin, Carl Phillips, Christiane Buuck, Dipak Mashal, Ellen Weeren, G. C. Waldrep, Geeta Kothari, Hugh Sheehy, James Scott Smith, Jane McCafferty, Joseph Mills, Karin Lin-Greenberg, Lorain Urban, Maaz Bin Bilal, Natalie Shapero, Neema Avashia, Nicola Dixon, Pablo Tanguay, Rachel Heng, Sheng Keyi, Siamak Vossoughi, Suzanne Martinez, Tonja Matney Reynold, Wong Man Fai, and Yu Hsien.

The Hong Kong Review, Vol I, No 1

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    The Hong Kong Review is an international journal of literature, culture and the arts. It is based in Hong Kong and Tianjin.


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